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new Fiberglass tanks and vessels.   We have filament wound facilities in Giddings, Tx,  Karnes City, Tx,  Stanton, Tx,  Laurel, Mt,  and Waycross, Ga.   Our oilfield tanks and vessels are built to API and monogram, depending on your needs.   We provide all sizes of tanks and gunbarrels and will customize per your application, above ground, underground, single wall, and double wall.    Spec changes welcome

rebuilt Steel tanks API are hi pressure steam washed, sandblasted, new rewelds as necessary, new striker plates, rebuilt thief hatch, door frames rewelded, new gaskets, all connections chased, exterior bottom floor and up 1' outside wall is coal tar epoxy coated, finished in tan or gray enamel all weather paint.   Interior regular/severe service coatings available.    Spec changes welcome

new / rebuilt Stairs, walks, extensions, and landings have any steps and rails replaced as necessary, new rewelds as necessary, sandblasted, and finished in gray enamel all weather paint.

new / rebuilt Heater treaters API/ASME vertical/horizontal are are hi pressure steam washed, sandblasted, all connections chased, rebuilt adjustable waterleg, new firetube coated with Corchem 239 hi temp epoxy, entire water section coated with Epo Phen hi temp epoxy, new flame arrestor burner (250,000 btu and 500,000 btu), scrubber pot w/ fuel shut off valve, concrete block, pressure tested, finished in tan or gray enamel all weather paint     all necessary controls include 2" Kimray SWA dunp valves, Kimray SGT bp regulators, Little Joe regulators, 50/75# pop off relief valves, 90-190 temp regulators and thermowells, 200 temp gauges and thermowells, 100# and 30# pressure gauges, sight glass assemblies, etc     Interior/exterior special coatings for severe service available     Spec changes welcome  

new / rebuilt Separators API/ASME vertical/horizontal, hi pressure/lo pressure are hi pressure steam washed, sandblasted, all connections chased, concrete blocks, pressure tested, and finished in tan or gray enamel all weather paint    all necessary controls (lo) include 2" Kimray SGT bp regulators and gauges, 2" Kimray SOA dump valves, 2" threaded relief valves set @ 125#, linkage assemblies w/ swivel nuts and rod, rebuilt trunion assembly, 200# pressure gauges, sight glass assemblies, etc    all necessary controls (hi) include Norriseal liquid level controllers, 1" Norriseal dump vavles w/ 3/8" TC trim, 1/4" Mico hp supply gas regulators, 1/4" Fischer lp supply gas regulators, 2" threaded relief valves set @ 500/1000/1200/1440#, 2000# pressure gauge, condenste drip pot, sight glass assemblies, etc     Interior/exterior special coatings for severe service available     Spec changes welcome

We also provide:
rebuilt Glycol Dehy Units
rebuilt Sulpha Treat Towers
rebuilt Line Heaters
rebuilt Free Water Knockouts
rebuilt Skid Mount Production Units
rebuilt Vapor Recovery Towers

And, we build new to ASME code w/ a partner shop when necessary

Everything we build carries a one year warranty


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